The Montana Distillers Guild is a group of small-batch distillers and their supporters, dedicated to promoting this fast-growing industry representing a perfect triangle of manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. These diverse entrepreneurs use a majority Montana ag product in their process, from the traditional wheat, rye, and barley to the more specific Flathead cherries, home-grown potatoes, and delicious apples.

Amber waves of grain means something special to us, indeed.

Formally organized in the Fall of 2014, Montana small-batch hooch has been happening since the the legislature allowed for the practice in 2005. Since then, we’ve seen stable and sustainable growth, largely due to the inclusive, supportive nature of our distillers. A rising tide raises all our ships, and those currently in production have always shared their best practices and lessons learned with the new kids on the block. We stand together, and are very proud of that approach.

Please visit our Montana Distillery Trail Map, and take a few minutes to stop into the production facility closest to you. Our tasting rooms allow you to sample our product plain or prepared in a beautiful cocktail. If you’ve never had a distiller make you a cocktail, you’re in for a treat! Then go back to your favorite watering hole (or kitchen counter) and make hand-crafted Montana spirits your drink of choice.

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