Trailhead Spirits

A grain to glass craft distillery located in the heart of Billings’ historic downtown district.


Inspired to live & support local, Aaward winning spirits that reflect the soul of our community.cover

Montana is known for its vast fields of grain and pristine waters. Our products start with wheat from our family farm and waters that come from the snowcapped peaks of the Beartooth Mountains… a fitting compliment to the start of great spirits.



Pursue your passion, chase your dreams, and please enjoy responsibly… Cheers!


The Products of Trailhead Spirits

Great North Vodka

The name on our label; Great North Vodka, is an abbreviated spin on the famous Great Northern Railroad. A fitting tribute to those who worked tireless hours building Montana’s railroads which allowed endless opportunities in the new frontier.

Great North Vodka is made from wheat raised in North Central Montana and pure mountain water that has worked its way from the from the high altitude peaks of the Beartooth Pass, down the Yellowstone River, to our distillery in the  historic Billings Depot complex.

Vodka 40% ABV

Healy's Gin

Our gin is named after my Great Grandfather Michael Healy. His pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial ingenuity enabled him to prosper during prohibition. In an era when the Butte copper mine was known as the richest hill on the earth, he was the toast of the town for his bootlegged spirits. A modern American Gin balanced with a variety of botanicals including your traditional Juniper and Coriander, some non-traditional such as hops and Heather tips, and native plants like Sweet grass and Bitterroot. The result is a complex creation with local flair, a true Montana Gin.

Gin 43% ABV

Helay's Reserve

Healy’s reserve is our award winning Healy’s Gin aged in our used rye whiskey barrels. The result is a smooth sipping spirit that confuses your senses and intrigues your palate by imparting oaky characteristics from the barrel aging process that masterfully compliments the floral notes of the botanical base

Gin 43%

HIghwood Rye Malt Whiskey

A robust Rye Whiskey that captures American’s whiskey heritage with flavor as big as a Montana night sky. You will notice hints of dry fruits, toffee, tobacco and vanilla followed by the distinct rye flavor that leaves notes of peppercorn spice and finishes with a slight sweetness. As rye whiskey’s are reclaiming their space as America’s whiskey Highwood Rye malt is one you won’t soon forget.

Rye Malt Whiskey 45% ABV

Highwood Wheat Whiskey

An approachable whiskey made from winter wheat grown on our family farm. This whiskey will delight your palate with flavors of sweet roasted grain, vanilla, and cocoa, accompanied with notes of caramel, toffee, honey, and burnt orange. This farm to glass project resulted in a very mixable whiskey that can be used to create a wide array of refreshing cocktails or enjoyed simply with a couple rocks.

Wheat Whiskey 45% ABV

Highwood Chocolate Flavored Whiskey

An innovative whiskey made from Montana wheat & specialty malts flavored with dark roasted cocoa nibs and vanilla beans. It opens with a sweetness followed by notes of caramel and toffee with a mesmerizing cocoa finish that will have your taste buds craving another splash. Whiskey enthusiasts will enjoy this revolutionary new spirit that defines otherness.

Chocolate Flavored Whiseky 40% ABV
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