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Glacier Distilling is a craft distillery nestled in the foothills of Glacier National Park.  We specialize in small-batch whiskeys that reflect the rugged beauty of our surroundings.  We use local grains and pure glacial water from the Northern Rockies to create alpine whiskeys best enjoyed in the great outdoors.

Glacier Distilling Company was conceived during a snowstorm and in the Montana ethos of preparedness and self-reliance.  In the Winter of 2009/10 a group of friends gathered around the fireplace in a cabin along the North Fork discussing ski widths, fly lures, whiskey and other such academic topics.  As the snow continued to pile up and the level of the whiskey bottle started falling to dangerously low levels, the conversation turned to more practical matters.  Should this be Armageddon, how could these friends ensure safety and continue to provide for their families?  They could guard The Pass and The Canyon.  They could hunt and forage for food. They could chop wood for warmth. But where would they get their whiskey?  Alas, something had to be done. One of them had to start a distillery. It was only prudent.

Glacier Distilling Company was registered as a business on January 20th of 2010 and permitted to operate legally on December 28th of that year.  Taking a cue from Josephine Doody, a moonshiner who operated from her homestead on Harrison Creek in Glacier National Park during the early 1900s, the distillery first released an unaged white whiskey that could be produced and sold in a matter of months, instead of years.  North Fork, Bad Rock Rye and Wheatfish whiskies soon followed and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

The Products of Glacier Distilling Company

Glacier Dew

The Story:  After more than a decade of moonshining from her homestead in Glacier National Park, Josephine Doody was forced by federal “revenuers” to shut down her still in February of 1928.  We’ll never exactly recreate the legendary shine that stopped Great Northern Trains in their tracks, but we dedicate our Glacier Dew, made from the same pure glacial water, to Mrs. Doody and all the pioneers of Western Montana.  Here’s to living!

Tasting Notes:  Glacier Dew is a whiskey distilled from rye, barley and corn.  It is minimally aged so the natural flavors of the grains shine through.  The result is a crystal clear whiskey perfect for sipping or mixing.

Whiskey 80 Proof / 40% ABV

North Fork

The Story:  The North Fork of the Flathead River flows from a remote corner of British Columbia to Montana, traveling unchecked through border crossings, over a sunken steamship and around flooded mining camps—evidence of its victory over man’s attempt to rob it of its mineral treasures.  Even today the river reminds us of its eternal power, dumping an occasional fisherman or rafter into its icy water, giving them the taste of something pure & wild.  We raise a glass of our whiskey in respect!

Tasting Notes:  The rye gives it a bit of spice, the barley imparts an earthy roundness and the corn a sweet finish.  Take that perfect balance of grains, let it mellow in a charred American oak barrel, and you get a whiskey that ebbs and flows on your palate like something that is always new but has been there forever.

Whiskey 92 Proof / 46% ABV
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